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This community is for the making, sharing, and help with LiveJournal's mood theme system. It is NOT for begging for someone to make you your own personal theme. Pretty straight-forward, really. If you're not clear on the concept, please read this post. If you want to request a moodtheme (and if you don't see it here), go to moodrequests.

moodmakers is dedicated to the memory of Kelly O'Guinn (kielle/_redpanda_), who passed away suddenly on 22nd September.


  • If you take a theme, please a) tell the creator and b) credit them in whatever way they request. These are hard work!
  • If you borrow from someone, be it an icon style or a piece of fanart, ask and give credit. Creative theft is not tolerated.
  • Off-topic spam and rules-breaking posts will be delete/banned.
  • Please read our FAQ before making a request:

    • What do I need to have a mood theme?
      You need a paid account, some webspace to store your icon images, possibly a copy of WinZip (depending on the way the set is distributed), and the ability to follow directions.

    • *entitlement whine* But I don't haaaave a paid account! I wanna moodtheme for freeee!
      You're really quite stupid, aren't you? Sorry. "Paid" is a very simple word, and $5 is cheap.

    • Does anyone have a theme about [fill in the blank]?
      Check the tags, the list below, or the memories.

    • Can you make me a theme about [fill in the blank], pleeeez?
      No. We do not take requests. Trades, however, are permissible.

    • What do I need to make a mood theme?
      Google, a graphics program, an animation program (if you plan animation), and patience.

    • Can you teach me to use PhotoShop, MS Paint, etc?
      No. Most of us figured it out on our own -- so can you. However, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

    • Do I need to make an icon for every single mood?
      No, though a good moodset does. You can shortcut by assigning icons to the top level of mood "families."

    • What size should I make my mood icons?
      50x50 pixels is a good standard; use your own discretion. Too big is a pain on the Friendslist.

    • How do I get LJ to make my theme public?
      Your guess is as good as ours. They don't seem to care much. :/

    • Can I add new moods to the list?
      No. You can't.

    • Aww! That sucks!
      Hey, take it to LJ. Nothing we can do about it. :)

    Mood Themes For Download - Offsite
    (remember: always ask/credit!)

    Anything on LiveJournal has been moved to the memories. Any moodthemes linked offsite whose initial posts in the community have been lost are listed below by category, and offsite posts only. Please check the memories, there are many more here than just these!

    Cartoons & Comics
    DBZ by DelectableOomph
    Stitch by Marisa

    Pop Culture Moods
    The PopMoods List

    Doctor Who
    Daleks by Tetrap

    Gryphons by Avator

    Lord of the Rings
    Eomer Circles by Kielle
    Karl Urban by Sagralisse
    Lord Of The Rings by DelectableOomph
    Lord Of The Rings Actors by Baisleac (how-to)
    LOTR Squares by Kielle
    Viggo Mortensen by Sagralisse

    Master And Commander by BoxerFerret

    FAQs And How-Tos:
  • LiveJournal's Mood Instructions
  • Packaging Tutorial